This will result in significant cost savings in the tax season and boost profitability. Also, scaling your tax preparation team with outsourced tax preparers will help your firm increase productivity, which will impact revenue generation by a long way. In the past, client data protection was the first question for firms when discussing tax outsourcing services. However, as firms and staff become more comfortable with cloud accounting and security, and clients trust the firm to protect their data, these concerns have decreased. Clients expect that the firm has done its due diligence during the vetting process and choose a tax outsourcing provider who will protect their information against external and internal risks. SurePrep’s outsourced tax preparation services can help your firm prepare more returns without adding staff.

An income tax outsourcing provider must use the same tax software as your firm, so most work with multiple software options. SurePrep offers both onshore and offshore outsourced tax preparations services. Our preparers in California and India are SurePrep employees who undergo the same rigorous training. Both onshore and offshore offices follow strict security protocols, including monitored premises, locked terminals, no-cellphone policies, and employee background checks. Loss of control and visibility into the status of a return is almost always part of the discussion for accounting firms when deciding whether or not to utilize tax outsourcing as part of their overall tax strategy.

However, these very individuals often find themselves entangled in the time-consuming web of repetitive tasks and low-margin compliance work. The solution to this challenge lies in the realm of financial and accounting outsourcing partnership, financial statements which presents a multitude of advantageous possibilities for your growing practice and company. Herein lie some pivotal solutions and advantages that the right outsourcing staffing partner can deliver, offering value and outcomes.

Tax research & guidance

This is one of the most important yet underestimated benefits of outsourcing tax preparation. During the busy tax season, CPAs put in unimaginable hours to guarantee that their client’s tax returns are filed before the deadline. Outsourcing helps CPA firms strike the perfect professional and personal balance and cope with tax time stress. Having access to additional resources on your side can prevent the internal team from getting overworked.

In the rare case that a client raises an objection, that client’s return can simply be processed in our onshore facility. 1040SCANverify is available as an alternative to full outsourced tax return preparation services and offers 80% of the work for 20% of the cost. Contact our team to find out which of these solutions is right for you or learn more about 1040SCANverify.

ways to outsource your firm’s tax prep

Firms generally choose to outsource tax preparation to create efficiencies within the tax department and have a more streamlined process during peak seasons. Choosing QXAS for your tax preparation needs means partnering with a provider that prioritizes precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction. QX employs a team of skilled tax professionals who are well-versed in US tax laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and accuracy. Moreover, the use of state-of-the-art technology streamlines the tax preparation process, providing timely and reliable service. By outsourcing to QXAS, firms can reallocate valuable resources to focus on growth and client relationships, trusting that their tax preparation is in expert hands.

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After brainstorming with our tax team, I chose the option that best matched our expectations – the package. We went with our gut, wanting to jump in to test out what it would be like to outsource tax preparation. SurePrep offers a unique partial outsourcing option called 1040SCANverify. Our advanced OCR software extracts data from tax documents like W-2s, 1099s, etc. and our expert staff verify the information. Your firm receives fully organized workpapers and clean data that is ready for export to tax software.

Domestic outsourcing with Taxfyle

After a few people said no to giving us permission to outsource, we created an email to ease their minds, and I also recorded a video to better explain what outsourcing means and what they can expect. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly measure the outsourced team’s performance against these metrics. On-demand, U.S.-based accountants to help increase your capacity and expedite your turnaround times. Our tax team has expertise in majorly all tax software like Taxcalc, IRIS, SAGE, CAPIUM, CCH, taxfiler, Digita, Alphatax, etc. but with a little bit of handholding, we can work with the uncommon ones too. Follow every outsourced return through each step of the process with our best-in-breed workflow solution, so you know the status and expected delivery date of each return. Maximize your engagement margins and drive down operating costs by automating job sourcing to qualified professionals.

Advantages of Outsourcing Tax Prep Services

After answering thousands of questions throughout the years, we thought it was time to set the record straight and separate the myths and facts of international tax outsourcing. Many accounting firms believe they might get into trouble if they outsource their tax preparation. But as long as you have their consent, it is not ethically and legally wrong. CPA firms are constantly flooded with work, especially during tax season. Although this is the time of the year when they have the chance to boost their revenue, it isn’t as easy as presumed.

There was a shortage of people and we struggled to find the talent that matched our values. Be prepared for unexpected events that could disrupt the outsourcing relationship. It is important to note that only 48% of survey respondents were willing to provide their average hourly rate. Based on the data available, however, it appears as though we gave ourselves a raise since the last survey was done in 2019. The standard average hourly rates increased by 8.6% from $69 (2019) to $75 (2021). The location of your tax practice will have a bearing on the fees you can charge.

responses to “How do your tax prep fees stack up?”

And because your tax OS provider handles turnover, you won’t have to concern yourself about potential retention issues even in the middle of tax season. Absolutely, outsourcing tax can be not only manageable with QX but also highly profitable. QXAS simplifies the process through a systematic approach that includes clear communication channels, secure data transfer, and a collaborative workflow. The goal is to make the transition to outsourcing seamless, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Global outsourcing service providers like QXAS allow you to schedule virtual interviews with their talent pool and choose the right resource to work as an extension of your CPA firm. With experienced offshore tax preparers handling preparation and first-level reviews, your in-house team can perform higher-value advisory services. Tax preparers don’t just prepare, calculate, and file income tax returns on behalf of businesses and individuals but are also expected to deliver beyond these core tasks. Outsourcing your company’s tax return preparation to QX is a straightforward process. Start by visiting the tax outsourcing services section at

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