When a public company faces a backlog, it has the potential to impact its future earnings. A backlog can suggest that the company is struggling to meet the demand, which can be a concern for shareholders. It may, for example, refer to a company’s sales orders waiting to be filled or a stack of financial paperwork, such as loan applications, that needs to be processed. That’s a function of potential immigrants filling millions more job vacancies unfilled by US workers, Malde said.

But, it can be an important proxy, especially in industries like home builders and other manufacturing companies with longer delivery times. Under the “Sales and marketing” section of the Homebuilding Operating segment overview, Pulte talks about how their contracts with customer include provisions. Because backlog is not recognized as revenue, it is not an official GAAP metric and not required to be disclosed in company annual reports (10-k). Backlogs in production can be caused by sudden increases in demand, production inefficiencies, supply chain disruptions, or unexpected delays.

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Effective backlog management is critical for maintaining customer satisfaction in such cases. When a backlog occurs unexpectedly, companies should first identify the root cause. Then, they can take measures like hiring additional staff, streamlining processes, and potentially increasing production capacity to address the backlog quickly. Effective backlog management is essential because it ensures that a company can meet the demands of its customers promptly and efficiently. Failing to do so can result in delays, missed opportunities, and even a negative impact on a company’s reputation.

For SaaS businesses, the revenue backlog often comes predominantly from recurring revenue but can also include revenue from other sources (including investment) or one-time product sales. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of a “backlog” and its significance in accounting and finance. A backlog refers to a pile of work that remains incomplete, and it can have far-reaching implications for companies and their stakeholders. We’ll delve into the various aspects of backlogs, from their potential impact on a company’s earnings to real-world examples of how backlogs can shape business dynamics. Revenue backlog is a non-GAAP reporting number, and thus does not appear on the balance sheet.

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Experience with the industry is required to know how likely it is for the whole backlog to be fulfilled. What I am asking is that if a customer places an order for a product with the right to cancel the order, does the company get to count that order in their backlog? If they can, and the economy turns sour then those order might go away with a big drop in the price of the XYZ stock. This company made a mistake that we see often – it failed to understand the difference between a pipe dream and a realistic forecast backed by empirical evidence and sound logic.

As their reputation grows and sales increase, they’ll begin to exceed their maximum capacity each week. Typically, this level of production is right in line with the demand for the company’s shirts, as it receives approximately 1,000 daily orders. Since the company receives more orders every day than it can fill, the backlog increases by 10,000 umbrellas a day before it boosts production to satisfy the increased demand. The word backlog is used to denote the current workload that exceeds a company or department’s production capacity, often used in construction or fabrication. A present workload that surpasses current production capacity is a backlog. Its existence can have either a positive or a negative effect, depending upon the specific situation.

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It’s not an end-all, be-all figure, and doesn’t always perfectly represent or forecast demand accurately. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed here are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any financial institution.

Whether you are working towards debt repayment, investing, budgeting, or saving for specific goals, a backlog can help you stay on track and achieve financial success. Discover the meaning of backlog in finance, its impacts, and gain insight from practical examples. Knowing the basics of the backlog’s relationship with revenue and (future) demand can help analysts understand a company and its financial results better. You bookkeeping for hair stylist can see that the reporting of a backlog is a natural byproduct of the longer sales process of buying and financing a home. Under normal circumstances, they have the capacity to print 1,000 T-shirts each day, which aligns with their daily order count. Aside from high demand, task backlog in other areas of your business — such as your production line or accounts payable department — can also be causing a backlog.

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I’d prefer a big backlog to none (as long as the company can deliver in a timely manner), because that shows there is at least demand for the product in the first place. CEOs and CFOs can agree—it is better to be realistic than to hold on to false hope and risk falling short of your sales goals. Drive your business with backlogs and pipelines that are based on reality, not fantasy.

It gives a far more total overview of your approach to new business, financial management, and even your philosophy on managing customer relationships across a lifetime. Many software companies don’t appreciate the value of tracking backlog closely or reporting it clearly. The difference between your revenue target and your backlog indicates the amount of revenue from new sales that you need to generate. Because revenue in backlog is essentially locked-in, it is a good leading indicator of your business performance and reflects the amount of the risk in your revenue forecast.

What does the term backlog mean

Note that the concept of backlog also applies to thing other than orders. “Technical debt” — the list of requests for improvement of the product, whether for bug fixes or new features — can also be considered a backlog. In general, a backlog is all the stuff you want to do but haven’t been able to do yet. If there’s an open order that can’t be filled yet, that’s legitimately counted as a delivery backlog. If the customer cancels the order the backlog changes, just as it does if a new order comes in or orders are fulfilled.

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The contents of your backlog paint a picture of how you’re winning and fulfilling new business. By monitoring the backlog, you can monitor the relationship among the quantity of new business, timelines of delivery, and the number of items in your backlog.Let’s say Company A has an ideal backlog situation. Well, an ideal backlog is one that stays roughly the same in size even as the amount of new business and the rate of delivery both increase. This steadiness suggests that you’re getting a lot more new business but fulfilling a proportionately higher amount of business, too, to keep up with demand.Company B has a smaller backlog by comparison. Orders that remain unfulfilled or unprocessed are considered backlogged orders. These incomplete orders represent unearned sales revenue that remain available for the company to earn.

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