There are several plugins to make your website professional, but make sure to use only those which your website actually needs to grow. Started in 2003, WordPress has become a widely popular platform within two decades of its establishment. Are you wondering what WordPress is and what it’s used for?

Join our WPBeginner Facebook group to get answers from other WordPress users and our experts. It’s free to join, and there are over 94,000 members. For beginners, we recommend starting out with our WordPress video tutorials. This series of videos walks you through WordPress basics and how to manage your website like WordPress experts. WordPress is easy to learn, and there are a lot of learning materials out there. For a more detailed explanation, see our article why is WordPress free, which explains the philosophy behind free software and WordPress.

WordPress core

WordPress themes and plugins can determine the look and feel of a website, including the colors, fonts, page layouts, and content. A component may increase the functionality of a WordPress site by adding, for instance, a custom page layout, widgets, or menus. Thousands of free and premium WordPress what is wordpress used for plugins are available, which can be installed directly from the WordPress plugin repository or third-party websites installing plugins. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a WordPress website. WordPress themes and plugins can add new design options and added functionality.

what is wordpress used for

So WordPress gives you freedom to change the software as you want and modify and distribute and even make money by selling your products based on WordPress. The WordPress one of the strongest parts of WordPress is its community, which is unique. If you see online communities focused on WordPress, there will be a community unlike any industry. So be a part of the community and enjoy an organized by the heartbeat of the community. So that’s a lot of words, a lot of maybe new words for folks who are new to web development, perhaps or the CMS or even for open source communities.

What’s the difference between and

WordPress offers store owners the tools they need to promote their online and brick-and-mortar stores. Use WooCommerce to sell products online and blocks like the map block to direct customers to your real-life stores. When you want to buy something important, chances are you look up reviews for the type of product you need. If you want to join the sites helping buyers make good decisions, WordPress’s blocks and blog posts will help you publish reviews efficiently.

WordPress themes, plugins and other wordpress themes and plugins are critical because they determine how a site appears and functions. With the plethora of resources accessible, it’s possible to develop a high-quality, fully-functional website rapidly. You may use plugins for the content management system WordPress to extend a site’s capabilities. They’re designed to make adding new features and modifying existing ones to a WordPress site easy without touching the code. The WordPress community provides a wide variety of plugins for free. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world.

Most of them are free or have free alternatives, which gives you the freedom to control the cost of your WordPress website. It is not owned by a single company and has a large WordPress community behind the development of the project. The WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization, also protects it. Now, if you are thinking about starting a blog or a small business website, then you may wonder why you should use WordPress as your website platform. Microsoft uses WordPress to run their blog website.

what is wordpress used for

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