Tracking and reporting on revenue backlog can be a difficult yet essential activity for companies. By devoting time and effort to accurately tracking and reporting on this metric, companies can ensure greater visibility over their operations and better understand their financial health. Backlog management tactics might include adding new physical processing capacities or increasing the efficiency of specific processes — in this case, a decrease in sales backlog would be intended and effective. It’s also possible to temporarily inflate sales backlog with limited-time sales events or discounts, which can then be brought down to more stable levels over time. As a result, it’s not only critical to measure sales backlog but determine its source.

When managed effectively, the company’s backlog can ensure that customer demand is satisfied. When ineffectively managed, the backlog can result in a steady loss of revenue. When it comes to managing finances, staying organized and keeping track of your financial goals is essential. In this article, we will explore the definition of a backlog, its implications, and provide real-world examples of how it can be used to improve your financial management. The owner of this website may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).


For example, unexpected downtime in a production line can cause a backlog, as well as difficulty with suppliers. No matter how good your inventory management processes are, it’s impossible to fill all demands instantly. CAs, experts and businesses can get GST ready with Clear GST software & certification course. Our GST Software helps CAs, tax experts & business to manage returns & invoices in an easy manner. Our Goods & Services Tax course includes tutorial videos, guides and expert assistance to help you in mastering Goods and Services Tax.

While a steadily-growing backlog may indicate increasing demand, it can also point to problematic internal processes. However, as sales numbers grow, companies pass the point of being able to fulfill every order as soon as it’s made. But lawmakers pointed out in the letter that just 165,642 of the 226,000 available family-preference visas were issued in fiscal year 2022. The majority of the Asian American population is made up of immigrants, with more than half of all Asian immigrants relying on family-reunification visas in order to come to the U.S.

How is Revenue Backlog Calculated?

If your sales backlog gets too big, it can lead to customer frustration, canceled orders, and — ultimately — lost revenue. On the other hand, if your backlog abruptly shrinks, it could be an indication of reduced demand or highlight issues with your overall process. Similarly, a dropping backlog can be a portentous sign of lagging demand but may also mean increasing efficiency in production. Unforeseen backlogs will compromise predictions and production schedules. Annual quotas on the number of green cards issued each year and on the share that can go to immigrants from any one country mean decade long waits for countries with high volumes of demand. Revenue Backlog is the sum of the unrecognized revenue in the schedule of revenue over term of a SaaS or subscription agreement.

When customers fail to pay their invoices on time, it directly affects the cash flow of the business. This can lead to delayed payment of employee salaries, vendor invoices and suppliers, as well as a disruption in the normal functioning of the organization. When their brand initially launches and their product isn’t well-known or in-demand, they’ll likely have no problem meeting order targets every week.

The term backlog is used to indicate the existing workload that exceeds the production capacity of a firm or department, often used in construction or manufacturing. For example, a rising backlog of product orders might indicate rising sales. On the other hand, companies generally want to avoid having a backlog as it could suggest increasing inefficiency in the production process. Likewise, a falling backlog might be a portentous sign of lagging demand but may also signify improving production efficiency. Naturally, unexpected backlogs can compromise forecasts and production schedules.

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The US is missing out on trillions in economic gains thanks to worsening green card backlogs, according to projections from the Bipartisan Policy Center. Based on your example, the backlog of XYZ should contain only current remote accounting jobs orders that are to be processed and have not been cancelled yet. So the $10 billion value should represent a liability account with the cash that the company has received to deliver the service / product in the future.

Revenue Backlog Defined

A backlog represents work that needs to be performed but has not been recognized as revenue yet. More sales can mean more revenue and a bigger profit for your business. “As Congress is unlikely to act as quickly as the moment demands, we ask that you act to help reunite families and contribute to the economic and societal well-being of our country,” they wrote. Our new set of developer-friendly subscription billing APIs with feature enhancements and functionality improvements focused on helping you accelerate your growth and streamline your operations.

It’s not fulfilled, yet

The lawmakers urged Biden to implement reforms that include reallocating the spots from unused visas from the past two decades to the family and employment-based visa categories. They also urged Biden to expand the use of family-reunification parole for individuals waiting in the backlog, allowing for more family members to enter the U.S. during the approval process. There may be consequences for shareholders when a limited public company has a backlog.

It is commonly used in project management to keep track of tasks, but it can also be applied to personal finance. A financial backlog can include a range of tasks, such as debt repayment, investment planning, budgeting, and saving for specific goals. However, some businesses do typically report backlog as it can be a great indication of forward demand, with some predictive power to short term future revenues. During the 2008 housing crisis, lenders faced a substantial backlog of foreclosures.

If processes rather than purchases are responsible for the increasing value, this indicates a need to improve capacity planning and ensure fulfillment targets are met. Let’s say that in our example above, the company has a sales backlog of 10 orders per week. One possibility is that they’re receiving 110 orders per week while their processing capacity remains at 100 percent, resulting in a steady backlog of 10 orders each week. While a backlog could mean your product is in high demand, you should still pay close attention to how big it gets and take steps to ensure customers aren’t waiting too long for their orders. As a business person, it’s important to know which types of sales backlog you’re dealing with.

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